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Dr. Fixit Powder Waterproof (1 Carton)

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Dr. Fixit Powder Waterproof
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Dr. Fixit Powder Waterproof

Tikweld Welding Supplies and Services is a major distributor of Dr Fixit waterproofing chemicals in Nigeria. Dr. Fixit powder waterproof is composed of waterproofing additives, dispersed in inert fine filler. It is an integral powder-waterproofing admixture used for waterproofing of concrete and cements plasters, because it makes concrete cohesive & reduces porosity & improve water tightness.


Features and Benefits

Corrosion resistant – Makes concrete more cohesive, hence protects steel better against corrosion.

Shrinkage – Reduces shrinkage crack development in plaster and concrete.

Compatibility – Being liquid, it is easily dispersible and compatible with concrete/mortar mixes

Workability – Improves workability of freshly mixed cement concrete does not crack or discolour.

Permeability – It reduces the permeability of water into concrete.

Durability – Increases durability by improving waterproofing of concrete.

Strength – The setting time and compressive strength of the concrete remains within the specification limits.

As An Effective Pore Filler, helps to fill capillaries and pores to prevent water seepage.

Makes The Mix Cohesive and Denser, Hence the concrete and plaster has reduced permeability.

Most economical water proofing additive, reduces water absorption.

Does not affect the setting time and strength of the cured concrete.

Areas of Application

Waterproofing of concrete and sand-cement mortars.


Roof slabs and screeds.

Water tanks and water retaining structures.

External plastering.

Bathrooms and balconies.

Sumps and drains.

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    Posted by Mr Rafael Yisrael on 28th Mar 2022

    I have no regret buying this from you people, it's really a nice brand. DR. FIXIT POWDER WATERPROOF (1 CARTON).

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