Ceramic backing

Ceramic backing

Buy Ceramic Backing in Nigeria

ceramic backing products offer you x-ray quality back beads on root pass and a wider heat receptive pressure sensitive foil for improved adhesion. No need for costly gouging and grinding. As manufacturers and distributors of ceramic products, we can customize the weld backing to your specific requirements. You are guaranteed to find what you need from the trusted leader in cutting and welding machines and products for automated operations. We offer worldwide distribution and personalized customer care. Eliminate the risk of costly rework and rejects. Ceramic backing strips can be used with every weldable material to reduce oxidation and prevent hydrogen inclusion, by providing a heat-reflecting, weld-supporting surface against which to deposit the welding consumable. Gas release gaps reduce porosity by preventing gas-entrapment. By removing the need to grind out and re-weld from the reverse side, and facilitating deposition of root and fill in a single pass, the use of ceramic backing strips can reduce re-work, improve efficiency and provide operational economies.


At tikweld welding supplies, we are obsessed with providing the best ceramic backing strips that enables welding to be carried out from a single side, with full penetration and reduces (and often removes) the need to grind out and re-weld a root from the reverse side. The strips are available in a range of configurations for differing applications and resulting weld bead shapes. Our ceramic backing material strips enable welding to be carried out from one side with full penetration, and provide the following advantages: Removes the need for welding from the reverse side, Helps reduce oxidation, Does not create hydrogen inclusion, Quick execution improves operation economy, Can be used with every weldable metal, 8mm wide ceramic backing material on self-adhesive aluminium tape, 27mm wide, 14mm x 1.3mm deep ,rove, Pack of 20 This means you can count on us 27/7.

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We are proud of our reputation, in providing reliable and trusted WELDING SUPPLY SOLUTIONS, We have become Nigeria’s single-source solution provider to the welding industry and continue to dedicate ourselves in fulfilling our vision “TO PUT QUALITY EQUIPMENT IN THE HANDS OF WELDERS, TO HELP THEM IN ALL INDUSTRIES TO BECOME MORE EFFICIENT, PRODUCTIVE & PROFITABLE” We act with honesty and nurture strong relationships from large public companies to private customers ensuring we have an understanding of every client’s needs and always aim to exceed their expectations.


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