Threaded Rods

Threaded Rods

Threaded Rods in Nigeria

Tikweld Welding Supplies and Services is the major supplier of different types of Threaded Rods in Nigeria. Threaded Rods are long rods that are fully threaded from end to end. They are similar to the threaded portion of a bolt but are much larger and do not feature a head. Also known as threaded bars, all-thread, and threaded studs, threaded rods are used to join and stabilize structures or objects, often into ceilings or walls. Threaded rods come in multiple rod sizes, grades, materials, and coatings to fit all application needs.

Since threaded rod has threading running their entire length, they can fully engage nuts or other female-threaded components. This makes threaded rod excel at tension applications specifically.

For tension applications, threaded rod may find frequent use alongside coupling or reducer nuts. Coupling nuts offer the ability to connect multiple threaded rods together. Reducer coupling nuts offer the ability to couple different rod sizes. Threaded rods are often used with coupling nuts in tension assemblies.

In many cases, the application for a threaded rod requires the rod to be hanging from a ceiling or a similar structure. This is why you'll also find threaded rod commonly used with Sammy screws or other concrete anchors. These kinds of fasteners allow the threaded rod to hang or stabilize structures such as channel, strut assemblies, pipe, and other multi-faceted systems.

All-thread rod is commonly used in plumbing, construction, and maintenance applications where a system needs to be raised or stabilized. It is often used to hang piping for sprinkler systems, plumbing systems, or electrical systems where wires or piping needs to be raised and out of the way.

Available Materials & Coatings

Threaded Rods are commonly available in steel alloy, which you can find plain or with zinc plating or hot-dip galvanized coating. Plain finished threaded rod is often referred to as “black,” and it is raw uncoated steel. Suppose your threaded Rods are visible to outside elements. In that case, you may need a hot-dip galvanized coating to avoid any corrosion. Zinc plating can also be used to prevent corrosion, though a hot-dip galvanized layer will provide greater corrosion-resistance. Zinc plating is usually used for aesthetic purposes. It can be plated in many colors and provides a shiny coating.

Threaded rod is also available in stainless steel, both 18-8 and 316 varieties, brass, silicon bronze, and aluminum for when you want a balance of strength and corrosion resistance. For extremely corrosive environments, we recommend silicon bronze. For saltwater environments, 316 stainless steel is the go-to, with 18-8 stainless steel being best suited for general environments and aluminum used when weight is a concern.

Threaded rod is threaded with no head, available in many grades and materials. Often referred to as redi-rod, fully threaded rod and ATR, threaded rod is used for fastening anything from an anchor bolt, to suspending electrical or plumbing equipment from a ceiling. Often used in drop ceiling application.

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