Welding electrode ovens and quivers

Welding electrode ovens and quivers

Buy Welding Electrode Ovens and Quivers in Nigeria

A welding electrode oven and quiver is a commonly used product for transporting, dispensing and storing your stick welding rods in warm, dry conditions for welding.

Welding electrode ovens, also known as electrode stabilization ovens and electrode holding ovens, help ensure high-quality welds by preventing welding rods and electrodes from absorbing moisture from the atmosphere. This helps protect the weld from contamination and prevent weld defects such as cracking and porosity. Bench electrode ovens are ideal for job trailers, welding shops, and training facilities where the oven does not need to be moved around. Portable electrode ovens are designed to be taken with you for tackling welding operations in different locations. Watertight canisters are welding oven accessories that are used for short-term rod storage to keep them dry and ready for use.

Why You must choose Tikweld

At tikweld welding supplies, we hold expertise in supplying a wide range of welding electrode oven and quivers that are best known for supreme quality. These lightweight ovens are designed to protect electrodes during transfer from the holding oven to the job. The durable, Heavy-Gauge Steel construction offers long product life. Our range of ovens are light and easy to carry. Their square shape gives them greater stability vertically or horizontally. Furthermore, our portable models are very well equipped.

We are obsessed with providing the best welding electrode ovens and quivers for your welding. We also offer Consumable Electrodes (Bare Electrodes, Covered Electrodes, Light Coated Electrodes, Medium Coated Electrodes, Heavily Coated Electrode and Flux Electrodes) and Non-Consumable Electrodes in order to enhance productivity in your welding from the best vendors like Lincoln, miller etc. This means you can count on us 24/7. We are proud of our reputation, in providing reliable and trusted WELDING SUPPLY SOLUTIONS.

Tikweld have become Nigeria’s single-source solution provider to the welding industry, and we continue to dedicate ourselves in fulfilling our vision which is “TO PUT QUALITY EQUIPMENT IN THE HANDS OF WELDERS, TO HELP THEM IN ALL INDUSTRIES TO BECOME MORE EFFICIENT, PRODUCTIVE & PROFITABLE” We act with honesty and nurture strong relationships from large public companies to private customers ensuring we have an understanding of every client’s needs and always aim to exceed their expectations.

Contact us and we will discuss the requirement in detail so we can find the most suitable solution for you. CALL US today

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  • Hellog Welding Rod, Nickel 55 Electrodes, 3/32-Inch.

    Hellog Welding Rod, Nickel 55 Electrodes, 3/32-Inch.


    Hellog Welding Rod, Nickel 55 Electrodes, 3/32-Inch. Tikweld welding supplies and services is a Distributor of Hellog brands. Our Hellog Welding Rod,Nickel 55 Electrodes, 3/32-Inch is Special electrodes for welding jobs, this product belongs to...
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