Dye penetrants and inspection kits

Dye penetrants and inspection kits

Buy Dye penetrants and inspection kits from Tikweld Welding supplies and Services

Dye penetrants and inspection kits use colored dye, fluorescent dye, or magnetic particles to detect flaws in welds, castings, forgings, and machined parts. They're used for dye penetrant testing after welding and fabrication processes to check for defects that could cause welds or components to fail. Standard dye penetrants can be seen with the naked eye. Fluorescent dye penetrants are visible in UV light to reveal fine cracks and leaks. Magnetic particle penetrants locate flaws on ferrous metal workpieces. Dye penetrant and inspection test kits include dye, surface-preparation chemicals, and accessories for performing inspections. Dye penetrant is used to detect flaws that are open to the surface in materials such as metals, glass and other non-porous materials.

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