Welding tips and components

Welding tips and components


Welding Tips and Components 

At Tikweld Supplies and Services, we are proud of our reputation built over 10 years of providing reliable and trusted welding solutions in terms of making available the right tools to enhance your welding processes and guiding you on the right step to take. We have become Nigeria’s single-source solution provider to the welding industry.  


Welding tips:


Take care of your tools and they will take care of you. TIG welding in particular relies on the purity of the rod and cleanliness of the surface material for creating a strong weld. Many people store their filler rods in capped PVC pipes. For storing different filler rods, some even use different colored caps so that they can always tell which pipe contains which type rod, even if the pipes are moved.




Amperage is generally determined by the size and type of electrode you use. Too low of an amperage means more sticking, too high of an amperage could lead to burn-through and excessive noise. The electrode may char, affecting the effectiveness of the flux, and the puddle could be excessively fluid, making it harder to control and more likely to spatter.



Welding is a physically demanding job, and it’s important to use your body correctly to avoid long-term injury. Some ways to increase your comfort are to find stable and comfortable working positions that you can remain in for a while. Tensing up can easily lead to muscle strain so it’s important to stay relaxed and take breaks to stretch.


Welding components:

  • Welding Equipment

The use of the right welding machine in welding cannot be overemphasized. At Tikweld, we have a variety of welding machines that are just perfect for every welding operation you can think of.

  • Welding power source

A welding power source is a device that produces electric current to perform welding.

  • Welding cables

Welding cables are required for conduction of current from the power source through the electrode holder.

  • Electrode holder

Electrode holder is used for holding the electrode manually and conducting current to it.

  • Welding Electrodes

Welding electrodes are classified into the following types;

  • o   Consumable Electrodes

                       Bare Electrodes

                       Coated Electrodes

  • o   Non-consumable Electrodes

                      Carbon or Graphite Electrodes

                       Tungsten Electrodes

  • Chipping hammer
  • Protective clothing:

At Tikweld, safety is our way of life. We strongly advise on the use of protective clothing while welding so as to minimize any hazard associated with the welding process. We encourage welders and employers to comply with all safety rules and regulations as stated on the company’s policy as it is to their own benefit.

Contact us and we will discuss the requirement in detail so we can find the most suitable solution for you. CALL US today! 








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