Mig welding Wire cored

Mig welding Wire cored

Buy Mig welding wire cored in Nigeria

Using "cored" wire allows a MIG welder to skip the tank of CO2 or argon and weld without the gas. That's because the wire core contains ingredients that do the job of shielding the weld pool. This is particularly helpful when welding out of doors, since a stiff breeze is enough to disperse a compressed gas. In making a MIG wire purchase, your last decision involves the quantity of wire and how it's housed. For instance, Lincoln Electric offers ER70S-6 as a 44-pound spool or a 1,000-pound drum. Obviously, the wire-feed mechanism on the welding machine will dictate which option is chosen. (A small non-industrial MIG machine uses a much smaller spool.)




There are two types of flux-cored wires gas-shielded and self-shielded. Gas-shielded flux-cored wires require external shielding gas, and the slag is easy to remove. Consider using gas-shielded flux-cored wires when welding on thicker metals or in out-of-position applications. Gas-shielded flux-cored wires have a flux coating that solidifies more quickly than the molten weld material. As a result, it creates a shelf to hold the molten pool when welding overhead or vertically up. Self-shielding flux-cored wire does not require external shielding gas because the weld pool is protected by gas generated when flux from the wire is burned. As a result, self-shielding flux-cored wire is more portable because it does not require an external gas tank.


Like stick rod coatings, the core of a flux-cored wire provides the shielding gas. Flux-cored wire also enables a welder to use higher amperage and larger diameter wires than solid wire. The process is used extensively in structural welding outdoors. The deposition rate increases, along with work productivity. While cored wire costs significantly more than solid MIG wire, the labor savings generally makes up for the additional expense  and then some.


Despite the shielding additives, flux-cored wire is skinny enough to shoot out of a MIG gun. And the slag that comes with those ingredients is a fraction of what appears in the SMAW process. 


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