Welding eye protections

Welding eye protections

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Some of the standard welding PPE includes welding goggles, face shields and safety glasses with side shields. All these are used to protect the welder's eyes and face from the high-intensity light, sparks, and spatter produced by most welding operations. It's important for welders to inspect their eye protection before each use. They should replace lenses that are too scratched to see through. Safety glasses with cracked or pitted lenses may shatter easily. They should also replace goggle straps that are knotted, twisted, or stretched out. Goggles should be vented to reduce fogging of the lenses as much as possible. Specially designed chemical goggles are the best choice for welders if dust, fumes, mists, gases, or vapors are present. On the most safeguarding eye-wear, filtered plates keep out harmful radiation such as ultraviolet or infrared light that can burn the eyes and lead to blindness. It's important to choose the correct filter shade to regulate the amount and type of light that reaches the eye. As a rule of thumb, the welder should start with a shade that is too dark to see the welding zone and then gradually find a lighter shade that gives a sufficient view of the weld zone without going below the minimum shade number required for the task at hand. Safety glasses must fit well to be effective. They should be snug on the bridge of the nose, with the temples adjusted to keep the center of the lens in front of the eye. The straps of safety goggles should fit snug and low on the back of the head. Welders who wear prescription eyewear can use either prescription safety glasses or safety goggles over their prescription glasses, although welders working around high-voltage electricity should not use any type of metal eyewear. Contact lenses are discouraged in dusty areas or where certain types of chemicals are present. After use, eye and face protective equipment should be wiped clean of dust and dirt.


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