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Estimation shows that on a normal day, the air we breathe is mostly oxygen and nitrogen - although it still contains trace amounts of harmful gasses, vapors, smoke and dust. However, it is quite fortunate that our lungs have mechanical and biological barriers that keep such contaminants from harming us.  Healthy lungs are not invincible with repeated overexposure to toxins; these protective barriers break down, resulting in irritation, discomfort, or disease.

We may not even be aware of the damage until it is too late to recover. Increasing awareness about health hazards linked to welding has changed the way welders work and the equipment they use to protect themselves. This article is intended to help welders understand the importance of selecting the correct respirator and using it properly.

First time respirator users are often surprised to learn how many steps are involved in the seemingly simple process of selecting and wearing a respirator.

 Studies show that full-time welders are at increased risk of bronchitis, airway irritation, lung function changes, pulmonary infections (pneumonia), and lung cancer. Recent studies suggest a possible link between welding fume and nerve disorders.

At tikweld welding supplies, Our obsession is seeing to your safety while welding with the best sophisticated safety equipment from us in line with the safety guidelines for a good and accurate welding process. This means you can get on with your welding project and weld to a high standard that makes you profitable in sound health condition.


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