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Dr. Fixit Pidiproof 101 LW + Waterproofing Chemical Plasticizer 20 Liters

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Dr Fixit-101 LW+
Dr Fixit-101 LW+
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Dr. Fixit Pidiproof 101 LW + Waterproofing Chemical Plasticizer 20 Liters

Tikweld Welding Supplies and Services is a major distributor of Dr Fixit waterproofing chemicals in Nigeria. Our Dr. Fixit Pidiproof 101 LW + Waterproofing Chemical Plasticizer 20 Liters is specially formulated integral liquid waterproofing compound composed of surface active plasticising agents, polymers & additives. It is used as an additive for cement concrete, mortar & plasters. It makes concrete cohesive and prevents segregation. It modifies and improves the properties of cement to impart waterproofing property and thereby provide major benefits like no rusting of steel bars, no cracks & no dampness. 

Key Features    

Corrosion resistant - Makes concrete more cohesive, hence protects steel better against Corrosion Compatibility – Being a liquid, easily dispersible & compatible with concrete/mortar mixes. Permeability – It reduces the Permeability of water into concrete.

Strength – the setting time and compressive Strength of the concrete remains within the specification limits.

Shrinkage – reduces Shrinkage crack development in plaster & concrete.

Workability – Improves Workability of freshly mixed cement concrete.

Durability – Increases Durability by improving waterproofing of concrete.


Basements, Roof slabs and screeds, Water tanks & water retaining structures, External plastering, Bathrooms and balconies, Sumps and drains. 

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Frequently asked questions FAQ

What are plasticizer used for?

Plasticizers or water reducers are chemical admixtures that can be added to concrete mixtures to improve workability. We know, the strength of concrete is inversely proportional to the amount of water added or water-cement (w/c) ratio.

How Does plasticizer work?

Plasticizers or dispersants are either liquids (that have low volatility) or solids additives. Plasticizers decrease the plasticity or decrease the viscosity of a material. These substances are added in order to alter their physical properties. Plasticizers decrease the attraction between polymer chains to make them more flexible Plasticizers make it possible to achieve improved compound processing characteristics, while also providing flexibility in the end-use product.

How much Pidiproof platicizer do i need in concrete?

Plasticizer is added to concrete to enhance its strength and workability. It is added during production of concrete at the rate of 0.8% to 2% (maximum)of cement weight. During mix design it is taken as 0.8% and gradually increased to get the desired strength and workability, but never more than 2%.

1 ltr dr fixit capacity for 5 bag cement. Fixit Pidiproof LW+ is added as per the recommended dosage into the remaining mixing / gauging water, then add to concrete mixer and mix for another 2 minutes. Place the concrete or apply plaster, as needed.


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Warranty Information

6 months
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