Dissolved acetylene Gas 40 Liters cylinders (returnable cylinders)

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Hellog DAG01
Hellog DAG01


Dissolved acetylene Gas 40 Liters cylinders (returnable cylinders)

Tikweld Welding Supplies and services is the distributor of Industrial gases/accessories and other industrial equipment in Nigeria. Tikweld has large volumes of Dissolved acetylene Gas 40Liters cylinders (returnable cylinders)


the hottest and most efficient of all the fuel gases, providing high levels of productivity

very efficient use of oxygen

lighter than air and will not accumulate at low levels

low ignition energy

low moisture content flame

non-toxic (may cause dizziness in high concentrations)


oxygen and acetylene together produce a flame temperature of approximately 3150°C.

the oxy-acetylene flame gives very good localised heating with a minimum of wasted heat.

in cutting, oxy-acetylene gives the fastest preheating and piercing times of any fuel gas combination.

in oxy-acetylene cutting processes, improved cut quality, higher cutting speed, faster cut initiation time and reduced oxygen use are achieved.

when used with either oxygen or air, acetylene can produce a thin layer of black carbon particles. This can prevent components sticking in their moulds.

unused gas will not collect in low-lying areas, ducts and drains causing a potential hazard.

acetylene is stored in specially-designed cylinders to prevent decomposition.

the flame has a low moisture content making it a good choice for many critical heating applications.

Application and use of dissolved acetylene gas:


flame heating

flame gouging

gas welding.  The only fuel gas which can be used to weld steel

flame hardening.  An oxy-acetylene flame can be used where the hardened surface of carbon steel components is either in situ as a remedial process or on components too large to fit in a furnace

flame cleaning.  A wide oxy-acetylene flame is held very close to a steel surface to be cleaned

flame straightening where the precise and efficient flame properties are used to remove distortion in plate material

thermal spraying of various metals and ceramics.  The material to be sprayed is fed through the flame

spot-heating applications




branding wooden pallets


glass and metal castings

mould release and other anti-stick applications

the only fuel gas recommended for use in underground working conditions


Material compatibility:

Acetylene can ignite and burn instantly from a spark or piece of hot metal.

It can form explosive acetylide compounds with some metals, most notably copper, silver and mercury.

Please note:  copper alloys containing less than 65% copper and silver solder containing less than 43% silver are considered safe.

Hoses used with acetylene are coloured red and are designed to resist acetone.  For this reason, other fuel gas hoses must not be used.

For a full list of materials which are not allowed or are recommended only under certain conditions, please consult BCGA Codes of Practice CP5 and CP6.


care must be taken when using acetylene as it is an asphyxiant.

acetylene is highly reactive.  It is dissolved in acetone and contained within a porous mass inside the cylinder.

acetylene can react over time with some metals to form explosive acetylides.

acetylene is slightly lighter than air and will collect at ceiling level.

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