Carbon dioxide CO2 Fire Extinguishers

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Carbon dioxide CO2 Fire Extinguishers    

Tikweld Welding Supplies and Services is the distributor of quality fire fighting equipment and accessories in Nigeria.

This fire suppression system is used in cabinets and other compartments inaccessible by employees, customers, or even animals because it is regarded as a harmful materials storage area. This is suggested to be the best in protecting electronic equipment such as the engine panel and electrical panels compartment which happens to be the best places where such systems should be used in providing protection.

How it works

This type of suppression system extinguishes fires by reducing the oxygen level to the point where the combustion process is impossible. CO2 is a naturally occurring gas that leaves no residue, and it effectively puts off Class A, B, and C types of fire.

A fire needs oxygen, fuel, and heat to continue to burn. When the suppression system detects smoke or fire, it then releases the CO2 agent into the space it is protecting. The CO2 level in the space quickly increases as the oxygen level quickly drops, causing the fire to be suppressed or extinguished.

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This type of extinguisher should be placed near the source of fire risk or the fire exit, such as premises with electrical appliances, offices, kitchen, and server room.

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3 Reviews

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    Posted by Mrs Vivian Obinna on 22nd Feb 2022

    This has really saved my entire family from a fire damage

  • 5

    Posted by Mr Tigani Malbour on 22nd Feb 2022

    CO2 has been the best option for fire extinguishers and a recommend it for any one.

  • 5
    Fine and durable

    Posted by James Moses on 17th Feb 2022


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