Chemical Fire Extinguisher

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Chemical Fire Extinguisher

Tikweld Welding Supplies and Services is the distributor of quality fire fighting equipment and accessories in Nigeria.

Wet Chemical Suppression system

The wet chemical system successfully extinguishes all class F fires that involve cooking oils and fats. They can also be applicable in extinguishing the class A fire, though the foam or water extinguisher is suitable for this type of fire outbreak.

Wet chemical extinguishers can also be used for fires caused by various organic materials, including wood(restaurant fire), coal, textiles, fabrics, cardboard, and paper.


This type of fire extinguisher needs to be placed near the source of the fire risk in commercial kitchens and canteens.

Dry chemical fire suppression systems

This type of fire suppression system employs a dry-chemical powder to extinguish a fire and uses a large tank that is filled with the dry chemical powder and then pressurized.

Many industrial properties harboring toxic/ hazardous materials used for industrial processes like painting, quenching, chemical storage, etc., require a more sophisticated fire suppression system that should involve early warning alarm and multiple tanks. This type of suppression system keeps industrial properties safe.

The colour label is yellow.

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    Posted by Pascal Deen on 5th Sep 2022

    This fire extinguisher works like magic, HELLOG CHEMICAL FIRE EXTINGUISHER

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