IF YOU ARE in the construction industry, you must know these six facts about the Concrete grinding machines. Concrete grinders are one of the most adaptable types of concrete machinery available. Appearing in different sizes and with a variety of attachments, the concrete grinder is a complex tool that requires knowledge and skill to achieve the desired result. Below are 5 facts about the uses of the concrete grinder. Concrete grinders are used for one thing – grinding concrete. They’re mostly used for putting a smooth finish on concrete, which they do quite quickly. Choosing the right concrete grinder for your purpose can make a seemingly difficult job very easy.

1. The concrete grinding machines is used for more than just polishing.

There are three parts to concrete preparation processing: grinding, honing, and polishing. though concrete grinders can be used with finer-grit abrasives to create a beautifully polished concrete surface, the process that contractors go through to prepare that surface is more than just polishing. Ground concrete surfaces have a flat appearance with low sheen, whereas a polished concrete surface has a clear reflection with a glassy finish.

2. Concrete grinders are versatile Machines.

Concrete grinders are highly adaptable when they are used on the worksite. Due to their functionality concrete grinders are generally more flexible than other surface prep equipment and can serve multiple functions, including:

  • Profiling floors before application of coating or paint
  • Breaking up deposits of grease, dirt, and industrial contaminants
  • Leveling uneven joints or high spots

3. The Concrete Grinder attachments are very important!

The best way to make the most of your multipurpose grinder is to invest in a variety of attachments. Concrete Network identifies the three most common types of attachments:

  • Silicon-carbide stones smooth trowel marks or rough finishes and level high spots less than 1/16 inch.
  • Tungsten-carbide inserts can be used to remove adhesives, thick paint, tar, resin, rubber deposits, and industrial buildup.
  • Diamond-segmented tools are ideal for profiling work and the removal of thin-film coatings. They can also be used to polish and remove minor surface imperfections.

4. Depending on the job, You may need different sizes of concrete grinder, one size does not fit all.

As with most concrete equipment, the size and type of concrete grinder will depend on the specifics of the job. Before selecting a concrete grinder, consider the scope of your project. For floors and slabs, there are a variety of walk-behind grinders, including those that allow you to work on large slabs and those that are better for restricted areas. Heavier, walk-behind grinders are best for projects that require more aggressive grinding because the weight placed on the discs allows the grinder to make better contact with the surface. Hand-held grinders are also available for tighter areas.

5. Only recently has the concrete grinding industry began to flourish.

Though concrete processing has been implemented over the past 10 years, its popularity has only recently increased. Due to concrete’s excellent durability and performance, polished concrete or epoxy flooring has quickly become a popular alternative to marble, granite, tile and linoleum for many commercial facilities. As the market demand for this type of processing increases, more contractors are learning about and seeking proper training on the intricacies of the process and how to use the concrete grinding and polishing machines.6. FOR MAXIMUM EFFECT YOU NEED A VACUUM DUST EXTRACTOR WHEN USING CONCRETE GRINDERS. Concrete grinding market developments in Nigeria and worldwide report shows an increase in global demand over the next five years that is unprecedented 

When contractors engage in grinding and polishing the floor or wood and metalworking projects such as carpentry and auto mechanic work can produce a reasonable amount of mess that can be created by cutting, grinding, and sanding these materials. While the mess can be cleaned up after the project is complete, the dust can get everywhere, even obscuring the material while you work. It is not only messy, it is hazardous to health. The answer usually to contain such dusty situation is vacuum dust extractors,

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26th Oct 2021 TIKWELD TEAM

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