Unitor Slip Coat Plus

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Unitor Slip Coat Plus
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Unitor Slip Coat Plus

Tikweld Welding Supplies and Services is a distributor and supplier of Unitor maintenance and cleaning chemicals in Nigeria. Slip Coat Plus is specially formulated to fill the minute pores in paintwork and leave a dense temporary water resistant film on cargo hold surfaces.When Unitor Slip Coat Plus is cured the protective film will act as a barrier between the cargo and cargo hold surfaces thus preventing cargo deposits from stubbornly adhering to the surfaces. The nature of the film makes it ideal for cargoes loaded in damp or wet conditions as well as preventing cargo from sticking to the surface caused by moisture build-up during the voyage. Unitor Slip Coat Plus can be used in cargo holds carrying foodstuff and is safe to the environment and to the personnel handling it. It is non-corrosive and safe on all coatings.


  • Water resistant cargo hold barrier / block
  • Ready to use - one single application
  • Completely safe on all coatings
  • Easily removable with an alkaline cleaner
  • Water based - free from hydrocarbon solvents
  • Composition based on FDA listed ingredients


  • Excellent adhesion to all surfaces
  • Ideal for use with humid and corrosive cargoes as sulphur, salt etc.
  • Prevents even the most difficult cargo to adhere to the coating
  • Saves cleaning time and cleaning chemicals
  • Provides temporary protection against corrosion.

Physical properties

Appearance       Milky white

Density [g/ml]   Approx. 1

Form     Low viscous liquid

pH          Approx. 9

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