Maxmech RWD 12000E, 10KVA Key Starter Generator

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Maxmech RWD 12000e, 10kva Key Starter Generator

Tikweld Welding Supplies and Services is the distributor of Maxmech brand  in Nigeria. Our Maxmech Generator RWD 12000E is a product built to promote authenticity of power supply with less disappointment whereby making sure that you never run out of power supply. It's built also to serve you under rain without any damages to the engine. We take pride in selling solutions and not product, as our customers are always satisfied with our services. Our Maxmech RWD 12000E, 10KVA Key Starter Generator can also serve the church,office, event c enters, hospital, airport, school etc very well. It is made of pure copper coil. It's well guarded against any harm on the users. Low fuel consumption. Low carbon dioxide discharge.

Specification of Maxmech RWD 12000e, 10kva Key Starter Generator

  • SKU: Maxmech-RWD 12000e
  • Model: Maxmech 12000
  • Production Country: China
  • Weight (kg): 15
  • Color: Red and black
  • Main Material: 100% Copper

features of Maxmech RWD 12000e, 10kva Key Starter Generator

  • Model Maxmech                12000e
  • Rated Voltage(v)                220/230
  • Rated Frequency(hz)          50
  • Rated Power(kva)              9.0
  • Max Power (kva)               10.5
  • Rated Speed(r/min)           3000
  • Engine model                    190F
  • Engine typeSingle cylinder, air-cooled
  • Compression ratio              8.25:1
  • Displacemint(Bore*stroke)  420ml(90mm*66mm)
  • Phase numberSingle
  • Gasoline
  • Tank Capacity                    30L

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are two facts about generators?

Interesting Facts about Electric Generators

An AC generator is also known as an alternator. The largest known single generator in the world is a 1750 MW generator which was installed in a nuclear power plant in Taishan, which is a coastal area in China.

2. What makes a generator more powerful?

The Engine: The more powerful the engine is in a generator, the more power it will produce. Larger generators functions run on diesel. The Alternator: The alternator includes a stationary component called the stator, and a second moving component called the rotor

3. Can a generator run in the rain? ?

Generators are designed to produce powerful voltage and when moisture gets into the outlets or seeps into the engine, it can result in electrocution or an explosion. Do not allow a portable generator to get wet or operate uncovered in the rain.

At some point, generators will undoubtedly need to be run at less-than-optimal load. When it is not a regular and prolonged occurrence, this does not have to cause any damage whatsoever to your generator. No load operation should never exceed 15 minutes.

5. What controls voltage in a generator?

An automatic voltage regulator (AVR) is a device used in generators with the purpose of automatically regulating voltage, which means that it will turn fluctuating voltage levels into constant voltage levels

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Warranty Information

6 Months
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