Floor Marking Paint EPOCOAT 408

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Floor Marking Paint EPOCOAT 408 

Tikweld Welding Supplies and Services is the distributor of Epocoat Brand of Cleaning and maintenance chemicals in Nigeria. This Floor Marking Paint EPOCOAT 408 is used to section off different areas of a warehouse (or factory) to prevent accidents or to designate where items should be stored.

 If you have a facility that needs lines constantly painted to differentiate specific production zones and signal hazardous areas, you need Floor Marking Paint EPOCOAT 408. If you choose floor paint, you will need factory and warehouse floor paint products that will stand up to regular foot, truck, forklift and pallet jack traffic. They will also need to be applied relatively fast and affordably. The options we have for floor paint are industrial strength options, including shot blasting and custom install.


When it comes to visual communication in the work place, floor markings are one of the most popular tools. Marking floors is an easy and unobtrusive way to convey information to improve efficiency and safety. When facilities decide to use floor markings, it is smart to learn about all the different options available.


Floor Marking Paint EPOCOAT 408 is extremely common in manufacturing, warehouse, and retail locations. When applied properly, it can remain in place and provide excellent visibility for years. This type of floor marking is great for both large areas and small.


When applying floor marking paint, it is important to make an effort to keep it neat. If the paint is not applied with crisp edges, it may be more difficult to see and understand from a distance. Using outlines is a great option for making sure the paint is applied exactly where it needs to be and nowhere else.


Another thing to remember is that floor marking paint takes time to apply and dry before anyone comes in contact with it. Unlike tape, which can be walked on immediately, paint should be allowed to dry at least overnight to avoid having it streak or get spread over the facility. Once the paint is dry, however, it can stay in place for years without any significant issues. 


Technical Specifications of Floor Marking Paint EPOCOAT 408:


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2 Reviews

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    nice product

    Posted by Ikenna abele on 10th May 2022

    thanks, GZ Industrial supplies for the supply at site EPOCHEM FLOOR MARKING PAINT EPOCOAT 408

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    Reliable and affordable

    Posted by Obi ezekwe on 10th May 2022

    my best brand marking paint...Available in GZ Industrial supplies EPOCHEM FLOOR MARKING PAINT EPOCOAT 408

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