Epocool 2000 Corrosion Inhibitor 25L

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Epocool 2000
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Epocool 2000 Corrosion Inhibitor 25L

Tikweld Welding Supplies and Services is the distributor of Epochem Industrial Chemicals in Nigeria.  Our Epocool 2000 Corrosion Inhibitors are a series of extended life industrial coolant/antifreeze and heat transfer fluids formulated for stationary equipment applications. These products are based on a unique extended life carboxylate inhibitor system and nitrite/molybdate as secondary inhibitors. Epocool 2000 Corrosion Inhibitors provides complete protection of cooling system components. This product do not contain borates, phosphate, amines and silicates and are available in ethylene glycol based fluid.


  • Stationary engines used in natural gas processing, irrigation, power generation, marine applications, oilfield operations and portable air compressors
  • Heat transfer applications such as line heaters, snow melting systems
  • Unique applications such as coolants in air conditioning units
  • On-road/off road heavy-duty diesel engine applications
  • Glycol based products can be used where toxicity is a concern
  • Nitrite free product is recommended for on-road/off road and industrial applications


  • Longer service life with no inhibitor additions required
  • Protects all industrial cooling system metals including brass, copper, solder, steel, cast iron and aluminum
  • Contains no silicates, phosphates, borates or amines
  • Low dissolved solids formula prevents formation of deposits
  • Phosphate free formula helps prevent hard water scale formation
  • Silicate free technology maintains good as new heat transfer and prevents formation of silicate gels during use and storage
  • 100% biodegradable in its unused form
  • Available as ethylene glycol based fluids

Technical Specification

TYPICAL PROPERTIES                                                 PRE-DILUTE

Appearance                                                                  Clear Liquid

Colour                                                                          Blue-green

Specific Gravity                                                             1.06

Freezing point 50%(Aqueous soln)                                  N/A

pH                                                                                8.3

Freezing point                                                               -34

Alkalinity                                                                        3.0

Silicate(%)                                                                    None

Boil over protection                                                        1290C


  • Allow cooling system to cool thoroughly Drain traditional coolant from cooling system.
  • Dispose of all coolant according to all laws and regulations.
  • Fill cooling system with clean water and circulate system until normal operating temperatures are reached.
  • Circulate system for 15 to 30 minutes after reaching normal operating temperatures.
  • Check system for any leaks and replace any worn materials.
  • Drain the water from the cooling system completely
  • Dispose of all re-circulated water according to all laws and regulations. Water that remains in cooling system will affect the freeze point of new coolant when added.
  • Re-filling the cooling system, If using Epocool 2000 Corrosion Inhibitors Pre-diluted 50/50. Fill the cooling system about 9/10 full with Epocool Pre-diluted 50/50. Circulate system until normal operating temperature is reached. Test freeze point and adjust to between -15ºF and -62ºF. The optimal freeze point is -34ºF.
  • For over concentrated systems use water to make freeze point more positive. Circulated system after freeze point has been adjusted.


  • Check coolant level regularly. If systems are prone to leaking more frequent checking of the cooling system is recommended to maintain proper fluid levels. Top up as required with Epocool 2000 Corrosion Inhibitors Prediluted 50/50.
  • Coolant levels should be maintained at proper levels to insure correct cooling system operation and avoid headspace corrosion.
  • For systems using ethylene glycol check freeze point at least twice per year using a refractometer and adjust to between -15ºF and -62ºF. Optimum freeze point is -34ºF.

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    Posted by Helen Nana on 4th Apr 2024

    The best in corrosion works . i love this. i bought it since two years ago.

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    very durable

    Posted by Harry Bones on 19th Oct 2023


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    nice for industrial work

    Posted by mr Dennis on 19th Oct 2023


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