Epochem Spike Roller 9 inch for Epoxy Flooring

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Epochem Spike Roller 9 inch for Epoxy Flooring

Tikweld Welding Supplies and Services is the distributor of Epochem Industrial Chemicals and accessories in Nigeria. Our Epochem Spike roller 9 inch for EPoxy flooring and the installation of self-levelling epoxy and urethane flooring systems, and self-levelling cement screeds. Spiked rollers for epoxy and epoxy floor paint come with various sized spikes for different material thicknesses. Used for removing air and bubbles, and to assist with levelling and smoothing of self-levelling epoxy, urethane and cement screeds.

Features of Epochem Spike Roller 9 inch for epoxy flooring

Professional quality spike roller with steel and wooden frame and handle.

11 mm solvent resistant spikes.

All spikes are locked together and turn as one unit.


Removes bubbles and helps to level self-levelling epoxy & urethanes under 4 mm thick.

Should not be used for self-levelling cement systems and systems thicker than 4 mm.

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