Epochem 530 Solvent Degreaser, Wax, Asphalt, Bitumen Cleaner 5liters

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Epochem 530 Solvent Degreaser, Wax, Asphalt, Bitumen Cleaner 5L

Tikweld Welding Supplies and Services is the distributor of Epochem Industrial Cleaning and Maintenance Chemicals in Nigeria.Epochem 530 solvent degreaser is designed to meet stringent requirements of an oil and grease solvent and still maintain corrosion inhibitor properties on metals and steel surfaces. It incorporates a unique solvent based to penetrate oil and grease bound dirt. Epochem 530 also contains emulsifier which permits easy removal with water.

Performance of this degreaser

Epochem 530 solvent degreaser is formulated with a unique low volatility, low flammability solvent. It is much less likely to ignite when it is applied to hot surfaces. Premium performance in removal of oil and grease bound dirt. Premium performance in safety, through use of high flash point and low volatility solvent.

Product losses through evaporation are significantly reduced. This quality reduces vapour inhalation and improves cost effectiveness. Provides temporary corrosion protection, due to its slow rate of evaporation. Easy to remove with and it has water Pleasant fragrance.

About Epochem 530 Solvent Degreaser:

Epochem 530 Solvent Degreaser is environmentally, safe, non-toxic, non-hazardous plant based cleaners and solvents. They are used to remove oil, grease, solder flux and other contaminants. It is for non-aerosol solvents used in Industrial cleaning in vapour degreasing, cold batch cleaning or automated cleaning equipment. It is used to remove any unwanted smell, dust, dirt or stains from surfaces. It exists around every corner in the form of liquids, sprays powers or granules. Each consists of a different chemical makeup thus making some more hazardous than others. They are capable of dissolving a solute (liquid, solid or gas) to form a cleaning or degreasing solution. They are for a number of Industrial strength applications including:

  • Dry cleaning
  • Nail polish removal
  • Spot removers
  • Detergents
  • Glue removal
  • Grease elimination.


One important quality of solvent cleaners is the boiling point as it determines the speed and temperature of evaporation. Some solvent cleaners evaporate within seconds at normal temperature. A low boiling point results in the release of potential toxins into the air quickly under normal conditions. If a solvent has a high boiling point, this means it requires increased temperatures in addition to air flow or vacuum application to evaporate faster.

Main Applications:

Epochem 530 solvent Degreaser may be applied by spraying, brushing or swabbing, followed by removal with water.



Clear liquid






Epochem 530 solvent degreaser is unlikely to present significant health and safety hazards when properly used in the recommended application. Avoid long time contact with skin. Use impervious gloves. After skin contact wash immediately with soap and water. Protect the Environment Take used Epochem 530 fluid to authorized collection point for proper disposal.

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