DongCheng High Pressure Washer DQW5.5/7 PLUS

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DongCheng DQW5.5/7 PLUS
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DongCheng High Pressure Washer DQW5.5/7 PLUS

Tikweld Welding Supplies and Services is the distributor and supplier of Dong Cheng Power Tools in Nigeria. This DongCheng High Pressure Washer DQW5.5/7 PLUS generate high-pressure water spray that could be used to remove loose paint, mold, grime, dust, mud, chewing gum and dirt from surfaces and objects such as buildings, vehicles and concrete surfaces in homes, shared spaces, office environment or Industrial surroundings like factories.

Our DongCheng High Pressure Washer DQW5.5/7 PLUS is versatile, rugged for our climate and useful in getting done quickly, any tough cleaning job. It features a petrol powered engine which drives a mechanical water pump. The water pump delivers the needed high pressure water in fine sprays for effective contact and force that removes alien particles or substance from surfaces.

Before each use, kindly ensure that the engine oil level is well gauged and that machine receives water from a liquid utility storage tank above its elevation. Both water inlet and outlet pipes should be firmly coupled to prevent leakage and enhance efficient operation. Never use any corrosive liquid in place of water for its use as this will damage the mechanical pump.

Technical Specification of DongCheng High Pressure Washer DQW5.5/7 PLUS

Product Model: DQW5.5/7 PLUS

Rated Power Input: 1200W

Rated Operating Pressure: 70Bar

Water Temperature Input: 0-40C

Rated Flow: 5.5L/min

Net Weight: 7.6kg

Features of DongCheng High Pressure Washer DQW5.5/7 PLUS

  1. Suitbale for home use;
  2. Self-priming, Asynchronous machine.

Accessories and Package

High-Pressure Tube  (10m),  High Pressure Water  Gun,  High  Pressure  Cleaning  Pot,

Inlet Pipe (3m), Water Filter Assembly, Water Tap Connector, Nozzle Cleaner, O Ring,

Color Box Packing. 

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