The Ultimate DIY Tool: DongCheng Cordless Drill Driver

The Ultimate DIY Tool: DongCheng Cordless Drill Driver

We have gotten to the era where many would prefer a DIY (do it yourself) other than paying someone and still don't get the job done the way they want. Most times, it is encouraged that many know how to handle this tool themselves, especially since it's quick and easy both for domestic and industrial purposes.

Let's take a look at the DongCheng Cordless drill driver.

DongCheng cordless drill driver is a general-purpose power tool with two modes; drilling and screw driving. Its key-less chuck makes it acceptable for a wide range of screw driving bits, round and hex-shank drill bits, and additional accessories such as rotary sanders, hole saws, and wire-wheel brushes. Cordless drill drivers are usually powered by a battery, unlike electricity.

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  • What is a cordless drill driver
  • About DongCheng
  • What are the features of DongCheng drill driver
  • Uses of cordless drill driver as an efficient DIY Tool
  • DIY Tools and their difference from professional power tools
  • why cordless power tools are better than Corded for DIY
  • Available DongCheng Cordless Drill Driver
  • Types of Bits used on a cordless drill driver
  • What are the risk surrounding drilling
  • Safety measures when using power tools
  • Where to buy DongCheng cordless drill driver in Nigeria
  • Frequently asked Questions
  • About Tikweld
  • Conclusion

What is a cordless drill driver?

This is a powerful tool used to drill holes and drive screws into the desired surface, and it is the most useful power tool for anyone from a DIY enthusiast to a professional. It is one of the first tools many have in their household tool kit.

Many will probably say " power tools " if you ask anyone to name the most common father's day present, Most people will say "power tools." but Those who know specifics will probably say "cordless drills." and it is pretty clear to see reasons why every homeowner should keep them around for emergency home repair

Tikweld welding supplies

About DongCheng

Jiangsu Dongcheng M&E Tools Co., Ltd., the Director of China Electric Tool Association, is one of the key backbone enterprises manufacturing professional power tools in China. With a high-class industrial production base, which covers 112,800㎡ while the building area is 58,000㎡, the company owns lots of advanced production equipment and testing apparatus and has a group of senior professional engineers and a team of intermediate and senior executives and technicians. Now the company employs more than 2700 staff totally. Dongcheng Company manufactures various types of power tools and their spare parts. 

All the power tools produced by Dongcheng have passed the China Compulsory Certificate (CCC) authentication, if within the range of it. Dongcheng product is widely used in the fields of building construction and decoration, home decoration, stone industry, shipbuilding industry, water conservancy project, etc. The company has lots of distributors in all large and medium cities throughout China and also exports its products to South-East Asia, the Middle East, and South America, more than 30 countries & districts.

Dong Cheng company manufactures various types of power tools like Angle Grinder, Cordless Brushless Drill Driver/Hammer, Impact Drill, and related spare parts, which are widely used in the fields of building construction, home decoration, stone industry, shipbuilding, and water conservancy project.

Contact us for all Dongcheng Powertools.

What are the features of Dong Cheng cordless drill drivers?


There are many things to look out for when getting a cordless drill driver. Here I will be listing the essential components you need to check before purchasing a cordless drill

1. Battery type and durability:

Many cordless drill drivers are mostly powered with advanced Lithium-ion batteries, which charge faster and are more durable than (Nickel – Cadmium) batteries. The importance of this lithium battery is that they don't drain fast; this is because they do not self-discharge.

2. Torque: 

This is the measure of the force that brings about the object's rotation about its axis; this is what causes a turning effect in a drill. Note that some cordless drills come with automatic torque control, which helps to avoid over screwing by disengaging the drill motor. However, it is advisable to check for this feature in a model before purchase. 18+1 to 35N.m

3. Variable Revolution Per Minutes (RPM): 

Most drills have speed settings ranging from 400 to 1500rpm. Identifying the kind of surface to be drilled is the first thing to know, and this will determine the rpm you will go for. In cases where you need to drill on a rough surface, you will need to use a low rpm, and for steel, etc., you will need a higher rpm.

4. Chuck: 

This is part of the cordless drill that holds the drilling bits in place. It allows you to manually tune the drill bits when switching it accordingly to your needs/ work at hand. The size of the chuck determines the full height of a drill bit. Its size also indicates how strong the machine is-the larger the chuck, the more powerful the drill. The Majority of cordless drills accommodate a 1/2-inches chuck, while others can reach up to a 3/8-inch chuck.

DongCheng drill drivers are manufactured to help in various areas such as to :

Displace screwdriver:

DongCheng cordless drill driver is used in attaching, assembling, and also disassembling with the help of an attached screw bit. When using this tool, position a screw on the end of the bit and quickly insert it into the project. By flipping its switch, the cordless drill driver can rotate counterclockwise, making it very useful for removing screws and installing them.

Used in Piloting holes: 

This comes in handy, especially in carpentry, where splits may occur due to a larger screw being driven into the wood. When a screw digs into the wood, it separates the grain; drilling a pilot hole first is necessary to reduce wood splits. Using a cordless drill with a bit one size smaller than the diameter of your screw will allow you to drill a pilot hole to ease up the screwing process to avoid splits on the wood, which could reduce the quality of the wood.

It can be used as a hole saw:

DongCheng cordless drill driver is also known as a multifunctional tool in which one of the many functions is the use of cutting out holes on sink faucets, doorknobs, drain and any other item you would want to bore a hole on. This hole saw is an attachment known as the hole saw bits; it is attached to the cordless drill driver, and it comes in various, which enables this cordless drill driver to carry out tasks related to cutting out a perfect circle.

Installation of Drywall: 

Cordless drill drivers are essential to drywall installers for the installation of drywall, and it requires lifting and holding large panels in place before inserting drywall screws into the studs beneath the wall. With one hand bracing the board, the installer can grab his cordless drill — fitted with a magnetic screw tip — and insert the screw through the drywall with ease.

On Concrete: The cordless drill driver for concrete will require a special attachment (bits) to it mainly used to drive bolts into concrete; this is made possible when a slight vibration has been incorporated along with the solid rotating action of the drill. This tool can also be used for any outdoor furniture work on concrete or screwing concrete.

Now let's look at some DIY activities that can be achieved with the Dongcheng cordless drill driver.

Uses of Cordless Drill Driver as an efficient DIY Tool

Power drills are electrical tools used primarily for two main uses

For drilling holes in walls, wood, or other rigid surfaces and they are also used to fix screws and fasteners onto surfaces  and Just as we can tell from the name, a cordless drill works without a cord, and it is effective in drilling holes on walls and is also used to assemble various furniture and woodwork. By Selecting the one with the right power, home improvement work like the remodeling of your kitchen can be done.

Lets review some of the DIY activities a DongCheng Cordless Drill can be used for.


The use of a cordless drill makes some tasks around the house a lot easier and less messy; this is because mixing paint can be a dirty business when it is done manually.

How it is done

  1. A hole should be bored in the lid of the paint bucket with the drill. Connect a paint stirrer tool through the top onto the power tool and then dip the stirrer into the paint bucket and securely, then close the lid.


When you are in a location where there is no power outlet, you can't bring an electric mixer with you; a portable power drill can make a great alternative to an electric mixer.

Safety tips: Try to avoid straining your wrists when making a recipe by slotting the exact piece of cutlery onto the cordless drill and mixing.


When it comes to gardening, the smart way to dig plant holes and save time is the use of a cordless drill by simply connecting a large-sized auger bit onto the drill driver and creating a neat hole in the ground in a split of secs which is the perfect size for easy planting of your seeds and bulbs.


All homes have loose screws around the house, and the cordless drill around the home to tighten loose screws can feel very productive.


One of the wonderful DIY activities that a cordless drill is used for is to easily hang up photos; the help of the Dongcheng cordless drill means you don't have to unplug, replug or risk tripping over the power cord when adding new faces and images to your wall. The drill can also be used for all types of surfaces such as plaster, drywall, and even cement.


Algae and mildew can not only make the aesthetics of your property lose their beauty but if left unmonitored, it can cause issues such as discoloration, corrosion, and the weakening of structural integrity; wondering how a Dongcheng cordless drill driver scrub off algae and mildew?

Algae and mildew are very difficult to remove, and you will need the help of the Dongcheng cordless drill driver, which serves as a power washer in scrubbing off the unwanted growth from the surface of your property.


On several occasions, most drivers encounter their car's battery may die off at the most inopportune of moments, and in such cases having a cordless drill can be extremely helpful as the drill driver is capable of supplying a good amount of current enough to bring the car back to life.

Though one challenge in achieving starting your car with the drill driver is connecting it with the car battery, don't attempt to use jumper cables because they are too big for the small terminal of the drill battery, and it could actually get worse when they are too close, which could create sparks and can cause the battery to explode.

To jumpstart your car with a drill driver, simply create a makeshift adapter from wires that will securely connect to the jumpers and the terminals of the battery. The next thing to take note of is the voltage because modern cars carry a lot of highly sensitive electronic equipment and If the load from the battery is too high, it could risk frying some of the electronics.

Fortunately, most household cordless drills carry a voltage of between 10 and 12 V, which is safe.

DIY tools and their difference from Professional power tools.

Professional power tools can cost substantially more than DIY power tools, and if you desire to turn your hobby of metalworking and woodworking hobby into a business, it will make sense to buy a profession-grade power tool.

Most manufacturers usually produce both the commercial and professional versions of each type of power tool powered by either rechargeable batteries, electrical power leads, or petrol engines.

For example, if a hobbyist buys a DIY Power-Tool, it would probably make meaning because he was just working on the project for fun, so the desire to level up to a more sophisticated professional power tool won't be there because it's not needed for simple task and DIY tools are used not so many times unlike the professional-grade tools that are used multiple hours daily, and they are also built to perform in commercial conditions and environment. This is one of the reasons why DIY tools are less expensive than professional tools, but in this case, Dongcheng cordless tools serve as a complete combo of both professional and DIY purposes, which is the latest innovation.

The design process for any tool centers on things like:

The condition the tools will be used under

The average run time for each use

The number of times it will be used

There are various accessories that can be used in a drill driver.

drill bits

  • grinding discs
  • router heads
  • saw blades
  • sanding Papers and belts
  • mower blades

why cordless power tools are better than Corded for DIY

The cordless and corded power tools are attractive options for different reasons. If you value superior performance and longevity, the corded tools are the better option for you. If convenience, mobility, and storage are more critical, then cordless power tools might be the way to go.

The key benefit of cordless power tools is their range and mobility. If you frequently work outdoors or haul your equipment to your Jobsite, the cordless power tools will be more suited to your workflow because of interchangeable batteries, which allows convenient switching between your devices with minimum downtime.

If accessing a generator around you is difficult, then cordless power tools are the best option because they are more compact and easier to store since you do not have to worry about potentially damaging any essential wiring.

Buy from our shop

Tikweld Welding Supplies and Services is the distributor and supplier of Dong Cheng Power Tools in Nigeria. Dong Cheng company manufactures various types of power tools like Angle Grinder, Cordless Brushless Drill Driver, Belt Sander, Impact Drill, Welding Machine and related spare parts, which are widely used in the fields of building construction, home decoration, stone industry, shipbuilding and water conservancy project. 

Cordless Driver Drill DCJZ1202

The DongCheng Cordless Driver Drill DCJZ1202 TYPE E is a powerful, though, drilling masonry falls under the category of Dongcheng cordless drills and features Budget-friendly, new battery pack platform with 2- speed 35 N m High torque.

Our Cordless Driver Drill DCJZ1202 TYPE E Dongcheng comes with impressive specifications like Max.Drilling Dia of Steel 20mm and Wood 22mm with a battery capacity of 10.8V/2.0Ah*2.The Cordless Driver Drill DCJZ1202 TYPE E Dongcheng is widely used and is a crucial requirement for construction purposes.

Features of Cordless Driver Drill

It is Budget-friendly, new battery pack platform

2- speed 35 N m High torque

Specification of Dongcheng cordless Drill Driver

Battery 10.8V/2.0Ah*2

Max.Chuck Capacity 10mm

No load Speed Low 0-400r/min

High 0-1500r/min

Max.Drilling Dia Steel 20mm

Wood 22mm

Torque setting 18+1

Max torque 35N-m

Net weight 1kg


Battery charger,2.0 AH Battery Pack 2 pc

Double-end driver bit

Plastic case packing

DongCheng Cordless Driver Drill Combo Kit (DCJZ23-10 T/TK)

The DongCheng Cordless Brushless Driver Drill Combo Kit (DCJZ23-10 T/TK) houses the complete set of tools for light-weight drilling operations.

Technical Specifications of Dongcheng cordless Drill Driver

Battery: 12V/2.0Ahx2

Max. Chucking Capacity: 10mm

Max. Screw Diameter: 7mm

No-load Speed: 1st Gear 0 - 460r/min

2nd Gear 0 - 1600r/min

Max. Drilling Diameter: Steel 10mm

Wood 20mm

Torque Setting: 20 + 1

Max. Torque: 1st Gear 35N-m

2nd Gear 16N-m

Accessories and Package

Battery Charger, 2.0Ah Battery Pack (2pcs), Hex Socket Bit Set,

75mm Screwdriver Bit Set, 25mm Screwdriver, Bit Set, Bit Holder,

Twist Drill Bit Set, Brad Point Drill Bit set, Wood Drill Flat Bit (2pcs),

Hammer Drill Bit (2pcs), Ceramic Tile Drill Bit set, Expansion Screw Set,

Flexible Drill Shaft 300mm, plastic Case Packing

Dongcheng Cordless driver drill combo kit DCJZ1202 TD

Our Dongcheng cordless driver drill combo kit DCJZ1202 TD is an economical model with new battery pack platform,it also features 2-speed and 35 N-m.

Dongcheng combo tool set

Specifications of Dongcheng Cordless driver drill combo kit DCJZ1202 TD

Battery 10.8V/2.0Ah*1

Max.Chuck Capacity 10mm

No load Speed Low 0-400r/min

High 0-1500r/min

Max.Drilling Dia Steel 10mm

Wood 22mm

Torque setting 18+1

Max torque 35N-m

Net weight 1kg


Battery charger,2.0 Ah battery pack 1pc, Philip screwdriver 6*100mm, slotted screw driver 6 *100mm,utility knife,sharp nose plier 6 in, Twist drill bit set, double philip screwdriver bit 100mm/65mm 2pc, socket set,screwdriver bit holder 60mm, 25mm screwdriver bit set,socket wrench set, expansion screw set, tape measure 3m, electrical tape, plastic case packing.

DongCheng Cordless Driver Drill DCJZ10-10 (TYPE E/EK)

This DongCheng Cordless Driver Drill is designed with a maximum drilling capacity of 10mm for steel and 20mm for wood with dual rotation.

DongCheng company manufactures various types of power tools and related spare parts, which are widely used in the fields of building construction, home decoration, stone industry, shipbuilding and water conservancy project. Sales network covers more than 60 countries and regions worldwide.

The company is striving for providing good quality products and good satisfying services to the global users.

Cordless driver drill

Features of DongCheng Cordless Driver Drill DCJZ10-10

2 Speed , LED light

foward and reverse rotation.

Accessories and Package

Battery Charger, 2.0Ah Battery Pack (2pcs)

Driver Bit, Plastic Case Packing

Technical Specification

Battery: 12V/2.0Ah X 2

Max. Chucking Capacity: 10mm

Max. Screw Diameter: 7mm

No-load speed: step 1 0 - 400r/min

step 2 0 - 1500r/min

Max. Drilling Capacity: Steel 10mm

Wood 20mm

Torque Setting: 16 + 1

Max. Torque: 30N-m

Net weight: 1.1 kg


BITS                                                                                                                                     USES

Spearpoint drill                                                                                                            bit glass, ceramic

Tile/diamond drill bit                                                                                                   masonry, porcelain

Plug cutter drill bit                                                                                                                   wood

Spade drill bit                                                                                                                          wood

Bullet pilot point drill bit                                                                                                           wood

Countersink drill bit metal,                                                                                                      wood

High-speed steel (HSS) drill bit                                                                       wood, light metals, plastic, fiberglass

Auger drill bit                                                                                                                           wood

Flatwood drill bit                                                                                                                      wood

Slotted drive system or slotted drive shaft (SDS) drill bit                                                 stone, concrete

Brad-point drill bit                                                                                                                    wood

Step drill bit                                                                                                               thin materials, metal

Hole saw drill bit                                                                                                                      wood, metal

Forstner drill bit                                                                                                                       wood

Cobalt drill bit                                                                                                                     steel,  iron

Masonry drill bit                                                                                                      bricks, concrete, stone

Twist drill bit                                                                                    light metal, wood, plastic, metal, ceramic, masonry

What are the risks surrounding drilling?

The risks associated with drilling for users are the potential of recoil torques caused by an increase in the total torque output from the drill as a result of increasing the friction of the drill bit in the drilled hole in the event of drilling large diameter, deep drilling or when the drill bit is jamming in the drilled hole or when it is being removed from the workpiece.

Safety Measures When using a Power tools

Safety is the state of being "safe", the condition of being protected from harm or other non-desirable outcomes. Safety can also refer to the control of recognized hazards in order to achieve an acceptable level of risk. The condition of being protected from or unlikely to cause danger, risk, or injury.

A. Read the Instruction Manual

Improper operation, even for a split second, can cause serious risk and injury. That is why every Power tool comes with an instruction manual. Every manufacturer will provide an instruction manual on how to use a desired power tool. Failure to read this manual is the user’s fault.

Instruction manual provides invaluable information designed to:

Demonstrate how to use the tool.

Increase the safety of the user.

Reduce the risk of injury.

B. Maintenance and Inspection of The Tool

Power tools need to be properly maintained before usage. Routine maintenance and inspection can help prevent a silly injury from occurring,

Always inspect the tool prior to usage to look for any:



C. Being Cautious of The Environment

The work environment itself can be a major safety hazard. Whether using a skill saw, electric drill or a manual hammer, it’s vital to make the environment safe. A common hazard is the usage of power tools requiring an air compressor. The hose can pose a risk of tripping and falling for both the user and anyone else in the space. Keep the air compressor hose clearly in view and warn others of the hose to reduce risks.

The environment can include:


People in the vicinity of the workspace.

D. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The first step in the equation is safety gear. PPE is a must. Proper PPE can go a long way in ensuring safety of the user. If safety gear is neglected, the risks of injury are exponentially higher.

The PFE most recommended includes:

Thick industrial gloves designed to protect the hands.

Safety glasses designed to protect the eyes from projectiles.

Hard hats used to protect the wearer from potential falling material.

Boots designed to protect the feet from injury.

Where to buy Dongcheng cordless drill in Nigeria

Tikweld welding supplies and services has powerful tools that are of great quality for your construction company and DIY persons. You can buy cordless drill drivers in Nigeria at our offices below:

Tikweld Port Harcourt

238 Aba Road Rumuogba

First floor Onyejieke Plaza

Tikweld Lagos

Suit 10 Olive Plaza Formerly Sebuf plaza Lekki Epe Expressway Lekki, 105102, By Osopa london. Lagos

Tikweld Abuja

Shop 016, Zitel Plaza, Plot 227 P.O.W. Mafemi Cres, Utako 900108, Abuja

GZ Industrial Supplies Ikeja

18 Adesina Street, Off Obafemi Awolowo Way, Ikeja, Lagos.

GZ Industrial Supplies Apapa

10 Apapa Oshodi Expressway, Coconut Bus stop Opposite Total Jetty,

Apapa, Lagos.

GZ Industrial Supplies Calabar

30/32 Ndidem Usang Iso Road, Marian, Calabar.

GZ Industrial Supplies Ogba

79 Yaya Abatan, by College Road Ogba, Lagos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is there a particular speed at which materials should be drilled?

Yes, You will need to make some adjustments on the speed in line with the material properties and note that the softer the material, the higher the rate, then the harder the material, the slower the pace.

Though materials differ significantly in hardness, drilling at the correct speed is necessary, i.e., adjusting to the material and drill bit diameter.

Q2-What is DongCheng cordless drill driver used for?

Dongcheng cordless drill/driver is a general-purpose tool designed to drive screws, drill holes and effectively solve a range of other DIY tasks.

Q3- Is DongCheng cordless drill driver worth it?

Yes, DongCheng Cordless drill drivers make a tremendous replacement for a hand-powered screwdriver and are more than capable of doing smaller jobs on-site or for DIY jobs around the house.

Q4- What are the advantages of Dongcheng cordless drill drivers?

The Dongcheng cordless drill driver is a powerful tool compared to other brands because they tend to have batteries with higher voltage and more efficient gear systems. This means that they can deliver greater levels of torque at higher speeds.

Q5-How does DongCheng cordless drill work?

The procedure of DongCheng drill drivers is quite simple. The Dongcheng cordless drill driver consists of a chuck attached to the drill bit, and the bit rotates in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions as the chuck opens and closes around the spindle at intervals. This Drill driver has different power levels that can be adjusted according to the needs of the project.


Tikweld welding supplies and services are the major distributors of all Powertools, welding equipment, welding accessories, welding consumables, Fire suppression systems, and floor grinding machines. The services we render are Tank fabrication, metalworking, general welding, piping fabrication and maintenance, hydraulics and bolting, epoxy flooring, fire suppression system, and coating.

The Dongcheng cordless drill drivers are available at Tikweld welding supplies and services, suitable for use in a wide range of industrial projects and home-based applications. Our range of power tools is highly ideal in accomplishing the day-to-day tasks of professional jobs with a high-efficiency level.

Our good selection of power tools, low price, and above all, high quality is why we maintain a top position for the discerning project manager or for that DIY project you have started. Finding a wide variety of tools has never been more comfortable for us.


The best thing that a Dongcheng cordless power drill offers is being The Ultimate DIY Tool and, at the same time, a professional power tool which is the desire of every commercial and residential sector. This tool solves the problem of allowing users deal with annoying tripping extension wires that could cause an accident, and with its compact and lightweight, it reduces hand stress.

Wait no more and contact us for the best Dongcheng cordless drill for making round holes that suit every need, with the advanced technologies that provide tasks with minimum errors.

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