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A-iPower Petrol Generator Promo Series 2.8KW/3.0KVA PR4000CEW

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A-iPower PR400CEW
A-iPower PR400CEW
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A-iPower Petrol Generator Promo Series 2.8KW/3.0KVA PR4000CEW 

Tikweld welding supplies and services is a Distributor of A-iPower Products  in Nigeria. This Petrol Generator Promo Series 2.8KW/3.0KVA PR4000CEW A-iPower is durable, designed to work 24/7 when need be and offer you the best performance when it comes to generating power when the main power supply is out. It generates 3.0 KVA of electricity which powers your household equipment and also giving you light. It has a 15 liters internal tank that have the capacity to take in as much fuel and 0.6 liter oil that will last you all day and more depending on how you manage it before refueling again. It is very economical as it does not consume much fuel, with an oil alert lamp that indicates the current level of fuel. Our Petrol Generator Promo Series 2.8KW/3.0KVA PR4000CEW A-iPower is designed to offer you a stable source of power for your home essentials like your refrigerator, freezer, and light fixtures. With its key start function and easy-to-move wheels, this generator will make it a breeze to get the backup power you need in case of an interruption in your main power supply. Watch your favorite shows, keep your fridge running, and light up your home with ease. The voltage regulates stable power for your appliances and it comes with a very low noise that will not disturb your neighbors.

Technical Specifications of Petrol Generator Promo Series 2.8KW/3.0KVA PR4000CEW A-iPower

Model No: PR4000CEW

Colour: Red & Black

A/c Output:- 220 - 240 volts

Brand: A-iPower

Colour: Yellow

Model: CM4000C

Rated Power: 2.8KW (3.0KVA)

Starting System: Key Starter

Fuel: Petrol

Fuel Tank Capacity: 15L

100% Copper Coil

Frequently asked question

1. What are the 2 main parts of generator?

There are two main components in the generator, the rotor and the stator. The generator must also have a source of DC current to magnetize the rotor, called the exciter.
2. What is a AVR on a generator?
What is an Automatic Voltage Regulator? An automatic voltage regulator (AVR) is an electronic device that maintains a constant voltage level to electrical equipment on the same load. The AVR regulates voltage variations to deliver constant, reliable power supply
3. What causes generator frequency to drop?
Generator frequency is the number of electrical cycles per second, measured in Hertz (Hz) and this is directly proportional to the engine speed. So if the frequency goes down, it is due to the engine speed

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Warranty Information

6 months
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6 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Mathew udoh on 9th Mar 2023

    Very effective and durable, wonderful components and durable parts,

  • 5

    Posted by Timothy Ohimor on 26th Jan 2023

    I just want to take a moment to thank tikweld, with the recent floods in my area, we had to evacuate very quickly and couldn’t carry our old gen along. When we got back it was damaged beyond repair and we needed a replacement fast as the power supply is not at all reliable, called in to order this generator and it arrived swiftly and wasn’t damaged in transit which was great considering the urgency, plugged it in then turned it on and it’s been running smoothly ever since. Great service even better product.

  • 5

    Posted by Evans Onikologbo on 26th Jan 2023

    The generator seems to have good power and it hardly noticed when I connected multiple loads. Noise level is very acceptable and not an issue. It's much quieter than my former gen which is a welcomed improvement. The engine started easily and runs smoothly, especially with the recommended synthetic oil. Truly an excellent deal.

  • 5

    Posted by Abdullahi Eyo on 26th Jan 2023

    I’ve been using A-ipower inverters for some time now and the quality was something I was very happy with, so when I saw that their generators are now available in the country it was a very easy purchase for me to make when I needed to change my home gen and just like with the inverters the quality is superb.

  • 5

    Posted by Ahmed on 26th Jan 2023

    Great value for more, the gen is very well built and you can actually tell when you us it, it’s solid and sturdy and runs very well, would definitely recommend it to anyone in the market for a new gen.

  • 5

    Posted by Faruq Danjuma on 26th Jan 2023

    Very nice looking, smooth running, quiet, and starts easily with the key and halfway through the first pull, used synthetic oil to refill it ... and it runs even smoother than before, very pleased so far, carries my house hold equipment without any issues really is great value for money. Actually, thinking of buying another one for my wife’s shop before the price increases.

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