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Welding screens are essential in any workshop which needs optical protection as well as resistance against high temperatures, sparks and spatter. Depending on your requirements, these can be wrapped over surfaces and other equipment which needs to be protected, or held vertically to section off your workspace. It’s a good idea to have at least one screen, curtain and blanket to hand, so that you’re adequately protected for every job.

We’ve chosen a great selection of welding screens, curtains and blankets which provide outstanding protection; some of them are thick and opaque, while others remain transparent to increase visibility. Our picks include individual blankets in practical sizes that are ready to use straight away, but one other alternative is to buy a welding curtain roll, which might be suitable if you need to protect a much larger area. Whichever option you choose, these screens, curtains and blankets are all guaranteed to allow you to weld safely and effectively and it gives excellent protection and greatly reduces surrounding temperatures when welding.

At tikweld welding supplies, Our obsession is seeing to your safety while welding with the best sophisticated curtain and blanket from us in line with the safety guidelines for a good and accurate welding process. This means you can get on with your welding project and weld to a high standard that makes you profitable in sound health condition.

Why you must choose Tikweld

we are proud of our reputation in providing reliable and trusted WELDING SUPPLY SOLUTIONS, We have become Nigeria’s single-source solution provider to the welding industry and continue to dedicate ourselves in fulfilling our vision “TO PUT QUALITY EQUIPMENT IN THE HANDS OF WELDERS, TO HELP THEM IN ALL INDUSTRIES TO BECOME MORE EFFICIENT, PRODUCTIVE & PROFITABLE” We act with honesty and nurture strong relationships from large public companies to private customers ensuring we have an understanding of every client’s needs and always aim to exceed their expectations.

Contact us and we will discuss the requirement in detail so we can find the most suitable solution for you. CALL US today 

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