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Tikweld Welding supplies and Services is the Main dealer of welding machines in Nigeria, whatever your requirements of welding are and welding machine is required call on us, we have TIG welding machines, MIG welding machines, Stud Welding Machines, Spot welding Machines, Plasma welding machines, and cutters, we have over 200 different kinds of machines to choose from. We are fully stocked with MIG, TIG, ARC welders, plasma cutters, wire feeders & welding water coolers. We also have machines for welding & cutting automation, portal and fixed fume extraction systems ready for immediate delivery or next day delivery depending on what part of West Africa you are.

Due to our quality culture and long-standing corporate habit of doing the right things we like speaking of reliability and durability. Tikweld offers established and trusted brands that have a proven track record of providing reliable and high-quality products. Our product development teams are continuously improving the build, design, and technology on brands like Migcraft, Miller, Lincoln, Hypertherm, WeldMax, Kaierda. 

The various welding machines we stock are as follows

o   Mig welding machines
o   Arc welding machines
o   Tig welding machines
o   Plasma welding machines and cutters
o   Engine-driven welding machines
o   Trolleys and Type pullers
o   Spot welding machines
o   Fume extractors
o   Used Welding machines and equipment

Why Used welding machines?

While a brand new machine might be the best solution, it might not be applicable in every situation. That’s why we have another option available for those who are a little tight on the budget. At Tikweld we offer Used welding machinery and Used plasma cutting equipment. All used machines have passed through a rigorous and comprehensive testing program to make sure that we are providing high-quality welding products that can even compete with brand new welding equipment for longevity.

We are one of Nigeria’s largest independent welding supplies businesses with a full-service industrial product offering, and leading the way in Nigeria with specialized welding products, Tikweld Welding Supplies brings you a great combination of stock availability, guaranteed quality, true and open price and with technical support and after-sales service.

If you are interested to see these products in action – We have help available, to assist our customers with onsite support and hands-on experience, on what best suits your requirements with careful attention to detail and complete adherence to learning manufacturing processes and principles.

Support in all towns and cities throughout Nigeria, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Warri, Calabar, Abuja, Kano, and Ibadan just to name a few.

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