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Tikweld welding supplies and services offers a wide range of supplies of welding Helmet in Nigeria. As one of the most visible pieces of safety outfit, a welding helmet also gives wearers an option to add a little of personal flair to their welding gear. With this is mind, today’s welding helmets are available in a wide range of colors and graphics. These visual features command attention, but a helmet’s protective features combined with comfort considerations are what welders should consider when selecting the right helmet for their needs.

 A welding helmet should be lightweight and well-balanced to ensure that it can worn comfortably for a full day’s work, providing flexible adjustments while protecting their eyes and face from spatter and sparks and harmful light rays.

The most important factors to consider when selecting an auto-darkening helmet is to look for models that have a full-coverage shell that was designed to reflect spatter and resist impact forces. Another safety feature to look for is a “test” mode that is integrated into the auto darkening lens. This allows the operator to check if the helmet is working correctly before initiating an arc. Auto-darkening helmets normally allow the user to toggle between shades 9 through 13 while premium helmets offer a wider 5 through 13 range. This scale allows welders to optimize the shade for greater comfort on any given application. Anyone who moves between applications; requires changes in welding machine voltage.

At tikweld welding supplies, Our obsession is seeing to your safety while welding with the best sophisticated safety equipment in line with the safety guidelines for a good and accurate welding process. This means you can get on with your welding project and weld to a high standard that makes you profitable in sound health condition.

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We are proud of our reputation, in providing reliable and trusted WELDING SUPPLY SOLUTIONS, We have become Nigeria’s single-source solution provider to the welding industry and continue to dedicate ourselves in fulfilling our vision “TO PUT QUALITY EQUIPMENT IN THE HANDS OF WELDERS, TO HELP THEM IN ALL INDUSTRIES TO BECOME MORE EFFICIENT, PRODUCTIVE & PROFITABLE” We act with honesty and nurture strong relationships from large public companies to private customers ensuring we have an understanding of every client’s needs and always aim to exceed their expectations.

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