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Stainless Steel electrode ASKAYNAK-AS-P309L-17 5kg pack

Stainless Steel electrode ASKAYNAK-AS-P309L-17 5kg pack


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Stainless Steel electrode ASKAYNAK-AS-P309L-17 5kg pack

Tikweld welding supplies and services is the distributor of Askaynak electrodes in Nigeria. Our Askaynack stainless electrode (AS P-309L -17) is a low carbon rutile coated electrode. It gives a filler metal of the Cr-Ni type. Weld beads are highly resistant to oxidation at operating temperatures up to 1000°C. It can be used in all positions. The weld metal has a high resistance to cracking. Ferrite content is 12 %. This electrode is the best of quality in the market and every super welders’ choice.

Applications and Materials to be Welded

AS P-309L -17 is used for welding of Cr and Cr-Ni alloyed steels that are highly resistant to operating conditions up to 1000°C. It is particularly used for joining stainless steels with low and medium alloyed steels and for root pass applications before welding of surface plated steels. It can be used for cladding of mild steels and to form a buffer layer for hard facing before welding with AS P-308L -17.


Our AS P-309L -17 is an ideal electrode specially designed for welding pipes, plates and tanks that are used in chemical, petrochemical, food and paper industries; forged and cast pieces and industrial furnaces that are exposed to high temperatures.


EN ISO 3581-A    :               E 23 12 LR 12

AWS A5.4            :               E309L-17

C             Si             Mn         Cr            Ni           

0,03        1,00        0,70        23           13          

Mechanical Properties of the Weld Metal, Typical

YIELD STRENGTH              :     460         (N/mm²)                                              

TENSILE STRENGTH         :      590         (N/mm²)                                              

ELONGATION (L=5D)      :          40           (%)         

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