Shipments and returns

Some items listed on this website are not held in stock at our premises (though we like to have most of the stock) and are rather ordered from various suppliers as orders are placed. While we constantly update the site's prices and product stock levels based on information from our suppliers, it is recommended that you wait for an email or call us before making payment for any orders placed on the website. We will also give you an estimated delivery time. Should any item not be in stock, we will contact you to suggest a substitute product. At this point, you may accept the substitute, place the item on backorder or cancel the item from your order.

Once the order has been confirmed, you can make payment via bank transfers or cash deposits. These are the only payment methods that we accept currently. Orders will be placed with our suppliers once proof of payment has been received and shipped once the payment reflects in our bank account.

Payment must take place within 48 hours of placing the order or we may cancel it or update it if pricing has changed.

Delivery Options:

  • Door-to-door Courier (via The Courier):

NOTE: Door-to-door Couriers do not deliver to PO Boxes. Please provide a Street Address at checkout.

Your order will be delivered directly to your door. Please note that your order's weight is calculated using the higher value of actual or volumetric mass for each product. The delivery rate is calculated according to the total weight of the items in your cart, the total price of the cart as well as the destination address.

We currently do not ship to remote locations such as farms and mines. (Outlying areas will incur a surcharge based on our couriers Route Card)

we encourage customers to ship using known transport lines within Nigeria and go their office to pick, this have substatially reduced shipping cost for many of our customers and about the safest to use locations

Collection from Out Offices:

Clients may also collect their purchases directly from Tikweld office located nationwide. There may be a waiting period of 1-3 business days after placing the order before you can collect it. Please call us beforehand if you’d like to arrange a pickup. We will inform you via SMS or email once your order has arrived.

How long will the delivery take?

Typically, we'll get your order within 24 hours. All orders under 2KG will typically be delivered in 1-2 business day. Orders between 2 - 5KG will typically take 2-3 business days. Orders above 5KG will take 3-4 business days for delivery.

If you're not in one of the major centers listed delivery may take 1 or 2 days longer than the above specified times. All packages are fully trackable and tracking numbers will be provided once your order has been shipped.

What happens if I don't receive my order? 

All orders that are sent via our supply chain are guaranteed to be delivered. If your order is lost, damaged or stolen, we will either send you a replacement order or we will refund the full order to you. It's at our sole discretion to choose whether to replace or refund the order. This is a fantastic service that we feel is absolutely essential to providing peace-of-mind to our customers.