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NovaTuff FC-200 Epoxy Coating

NovaTuff FC-200 Epoxy Coating


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NovaTuff FC-200 Epoxy Coating

Tikweld Welding Supplies and Services is the distributor of NovaTuff FC-200 Epoxy Coating in Nigeria. NovaTuff FC-200 Epoxy Coating is a 80% solids, high build polyamide epoxy multipurpose, tough and flexible protective coating for concrete and metal in industrial exposures. It is ideal for maintenance painting and fabrication shops and can be used in applications where chemical and corrosion resistance is required.

Application of NovaTuff FC-200 Epoxy Coating: 

NovaTuff FC-200 is a durable two-part 80% solids polyamideoamine resin epoxy designed to protect metal and other surfaces. It finishes with a smooth, easy to clean finish.

NovaTuff FC-200 should be applied in well-ventilated areas. Surfaces should be free of foreign matter. DO NOT apply product near an open flame. NovaTuff FC-200 can be applied with a brush, 3/8” nap roller, or airless spray equipment that can produce at least 2500 PSI.

Mixing of NovaTuff FC-200 Epoxy Coating:

The mixing of parts A & B is very important! NovaTuff PC-455 has a (1 :1) mixing ratio of 1 part “B” to 1 part “A” Agitate Part B separately before combining the two parts. Pour a measured amount of Part B and Part A into a clean container large enough to hold both components. Add (1) Parts B to (1) Part A then thoroughly mix the two components for at least five minutes. To avoid unreacted materials clinging to the edge of mixing container, transfer mixed material to another clean container and mix for 1 minute. Allow idle activation for at least 10 minutes before application.

Curing Times:

Port Life:              2 hrs. @80F

Dry Time:            5 hrs. @ 80F

Complete Cure:    7 days @ 80F

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