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Industrial fume extractors are essentially heavy duty air filtration units that are specifically designed for applications that generate high volumes of fume and dust particulate. The principle functions of an industrial fume extractor are: Protection against the environment by trapping the fumes, toxins and particulates into the filter, and leaving clean air to be released into the immediate area Protection for the user/personnel against toxic fumes and particulates Protection against the experiment or application by recirculating clean air back into the environment and removing the harmful contaminants fume extractors utilizing mechanical and electrostatic filters. They have been designed to suit many different applications including: • Soldering • Welding • Paint Spraying / Vapours • Oil Mist / Smoke • Vehicle Exhaust • Exhaust Ventilation Utilising the latest electrostatic filtration technology and high efficiency mechanical filter elements we can provide a solution to your fume extraction problems. At tikweld welding supplies, we are obsessed with providing the best Industrial fume extractors. In order to enhance productivity in your welding from the best vendors like Lincoln, miller etc. This means you can count on us 27/7.

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