Welding cylinder handling and storage

Welding Cylinder Handling and Storage

Tips for storing gas cylinders

  •          Check fire code for guidelines regarding the storage of flammable gas cylinders.
  •          Post "no smoking" signs in the area.
  •          Store cylinders, both empty and full, in the upright position and secure with an insulated chain or non-conductive belt.
  •          During storage, close the cylinder valves with the protective caps in place.
  •          With outside storage, place on a fireproof surface and enclose in a tamper-proof enclosure.
  •          Protect cylinders from contact with ground, ice, snow, water, salt, corrosion, and high temperatures.
  •          Store cylinders in a clearly identified, dry, well-ventilated storage area that is not exposed to heat or the direct rays of the  sun, and away from doorways, aisles, elevators, and stairs.
  •          Protect cylinders from falling. Use a chain or adequate support system. Consider securing each cylinder separately to prevent other cylinders from falling when items are removed from storage.
  •          Cylinders must also be separated away from flammable and combustible liquids and from materials that easily ignite (such as wood, paper, oil, grease, etc.)
  •          Store oxygen cylinders and fuel gas cylinders separately. Indoors, separate oxygen from fuel gas cylinders.
  •          Place cylinders in a category which could be labelled as "Empty cylinder" and always differentiate empty cylinders from  full cylinders.
  •          Remove regulators when not in use and store these away from grease and oil.
  •          Put protective caps on the fittings when in storage.
  •          Keep cylinders and fittings from becoming contaminated with oil, grease or dust.
  •          Do not use a cylinder that is not identified or if the label is not legible. This is to avoid sending wrong signal to the person who might need them.
  •          Do not fasten cylinders to a work table or to structures where they could become part of an electrical circuit.
  •          Do not strike an arc on a cylinder.
  •           Do not place or store cylinders in unventilated enclosures such as lockers or cupboards.
  •           Do not use full or empty cylinders as rollers or supports.
  •            Do not use a cylinder for any purpose other than to contain the gas for which the cylinder was designed. Ensure not to fill a cylinder with the gas that is not specified
  •            Do not place acetylene cylinders in a horizontal position.
  •            Do not accept compressed gas cylinders from the supplier unless they are properly labelled and have protective valve caps in place.

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