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A welding torch is used in an automatic welding system to direct the welding electrode into the arc, to conduct welding power to the electrode, and to provide shielding of the arc area. There are many types of welding torches, and the choice depends on the welding process, the welding process variation, welding current, electrode size and shielding medium. 

Welding torches can be categorized according to the way in which they are cooled. They may be water-cooled with circulating cooling water or air-cooled with ambient air. A torch can be used for a consumable electrode welding process such as gas metal arc or flux cored arc welding, and shielding gas may or may not be employed. 

A torch can be described according to whether it is a straight torch or has a bend in its barrel. A torch with a bend is often used for robotic arc welding applications to provide access for the weld.

The major function of the torch is to deliver the welding current to the electrode. For consumable electrode process, this means transferring the current to the electrode as the electrode moves through the torch. 

A second major task of the torch is to deliver the shielding gas, if one is used, to the arc area. Gas metal arc welding uses a shielding gas that may be an active gas usually carbon dioxide or a mixture of an inert gas, normally argon, with CO2 or oxygen.

The welding torch is mounted to the robot flange with a matching mounting arm. Preferably an anti-collision clutch is used to prevent damages on expensive weld equipment in case of sticking electrode and crashes during installation and start-up.

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